Co-Op Education

Why cooperative education?

Cooperative education is one of the most important factors in helping to maintain the principles of cooperatives. Education for employee-owned businesses takes patience and consistent efforts to move all potential cooperative members on to the next stage of actually launching and sustaining a cooperative.

“Education is essential for fulfilling the basic cooperative principles. It is fundamentally important to devote sufficient human and economic resources to cooperative education, professional training, and general education of young people for the future” (Morrison, Roy. We Build the Road As We Travel: Mondragon’s Cooperative Society. New York: New Society, Limited, 1993. Page 12).

Cooperative Academy

  • Cooperative Academy
  • Social Economy Academy
  • Drivers-Cooperative Academy

Monthly Workshops

  • Once a month.
  • Basic EO introduction session
  • Q&As about employee-owned businesses.

In-Depth Webinar

  • Every other month
  • Guest presenter(s) on EO subjects.

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