Drivers Coop Colorado

We are rideshare drivers in Colorado who formed a platform worker cooperative in collaboration with The Drivers Cooperative in New York. Our cooperative will utilize a worker-owned app, Coop-Ride, as an alternative to Uber/Lyft to provide better working conditions and better pay for rideshare drivers. Through the Drivers’ Cooperative, we will earn substantially more income (by paying less of each fare to a corporate middleman) and will enjoy democratic control of our own business by electing a Board of Directors and participating in various programs.

Our cooperative in Colorado was incubated by Rocky Mountain Employee Ownership Center (RMEOC) that promotes employee-owned businesses in the Rocky Mountain region. RMEOC will continue to provide various support such as fundraising, leadership development, and cooperative education until the cooperative becomes sustainable.

Our Drivers Cooperative-Colorado will be officially launched in early 2024.


Fairness For All Drivers

We aim to generate social mobility and close the wealth gap by increasing pay for Colorado’s ride-share drivers and by creating a more just, equitable and inclusive workplace. We are committed to:

Fair Pay

Providing our drivers with better pay and better working conditions.


Providing riders with a safer ride.

Accessible Transportation

Working with other marginalized communities (i.e., refugees, the elderly, the disabled) to provide transportation service.

Going Green

Increasing the numbers of EV for our coop members.

Social Transformation

A cooperative principle of “concern for others,” working in solidarity with other marginalized communities for a broader social transformation.

Why Drive With a Co-op?

Benefits for the Company

Drivers will retain 80% of each fare and 20% of their fares will be used for coop administration. In this way, drivers are able to earn better wages.

Fair Fares

Have you ever been shocked by the high cost of booking a car with Uber or Lyft? Booking a ride with our cooperative is more affordable for riders.

Better Local Economy

Rideshare money stays with the local economy. By supporting a locally-owned driver cooperative, we contribute to building a more robust local economy.


  • We passed a new legislation in 2023 which will allow a local platform cooperative such as ours to enter a market and to become a TNC (Transportation Network Company) with a reduced annual permit fee effective January 1, 2024. With a significantly reduced annual permit fee to become a TNC (Transportation Network Company), we can launch our cooperative in 2024.
  • The Drivers Cooperative (in New York) is customizing an app for Colorado. The customized Coop Ride app for Colorado is coming soon!
  • We are working to develop a stronger leadership structure for our drivers through leadership training and coop education. Anyone interested in becoming a cooperative member is required to attend an orientation. For more information about our membership, fill out the membership form.
  • Our launch day for the coop is 2024.

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