Why cooperative incubation?


Cooperative development is a powerful way to empower vulnerable and marginalized communities. Incubating cooperatives in marginalized communities is a powerful economic development strategy to remove barriers to employment and create jobs for the marginalized people in the community.

Cost effective

Cooperatives need significant capital, but often marginalized communities face substantial barriers to raising capital. By providing a group with assistance in raising capital, more marginalized communities can have better opportunities in participating in an employee-owned business.

On-going support

On-going support for a new cooperative is important in sustaining a cooperative and building for long-term success. Although the chance of a cooperative surviving during an economic recession is higher than a normal business, ongoing community support for an incubating cooperative can increase the chance of longevity for the cooperative.

The Coop Incubation Process

Here is the standard process of cooperative incubation that RMEOC provides.

coop incubation process

Do you have a BIG IDEA to create a community-owned or employee-owned business that will benefit the community entire? Share your BIG ideas with us. We are all about creating a more just and equitable economic system that works for the marginalized community. 

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