Co-op Ride

The Drivers Cooperative-Colorado is a worker-owned platform cooperative for rideshare drivers. In collaboration with the Drivers Cooperative (New York), The Drivers Cooperative-Colorado aims to provide drivers with better working conditions and a democratic workplace where they have voice and control. Our goal is to create a better community alternative app that will support workers rather than being exploited by global corporations such as Uber and Lyft.

Using an alternative community-led app, Coop-Ride, workers will have access to better working conditions.

  • More Income for Drivers:
    • Drivers will retain 85% of each fare and 15% of each fare will come back to their cooperative for administrative costs.
    • Hourly wages are expected to grow immediately as drivers are not subject to a higher commission fee for using an app at Uber and/or Lyft.
  • Collective purchasing power within the coop
    • The coop expects to build various partnerships to create collective purchasing strategies to lower driving costs. For instance, we can build partnerships with financial institutions (Credit Unions) to lower a monthly car payment; our members can get discounts for car-repairs; and our members can receive health benefits in the future.
  • Democratic workplace:
    • With a cooperative principle of “one person, one vote”, TDC-CO will be democratic workspace where workers elect their own board members.
  • Supporting other community causes:
    • We are committed to supporting other community causes under the cooperative principle of “concern for others.”

It’s time to come together.

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Support rideshare drivers in Colorado! Rideshare drivers need to change Colorado’s transportation app law to allow them to launch their own driver-owned cooperative as an alternative to Uber and Lyft.