Are you driving for Uber & Lyft?

We are Drivers and Advocates in Colorado working to launch a worker cooperative that owns an app, Coop-Ride, in collaboration with The Driver’s Cooperative (in New York). The cooperative will be a platform worker cooperative where Drivers become the owners of the cooperative.

The Driver’s Cooperative (in New York)

  • In New York, 6000 Drivers joined The Driver’s Cooperative
  • The Driver’s Cooperative has developed an app, Co-op Ride, which will be an on-demand app by Fall 2022. The Driver’s Cooperative raised about 2 million to develop an app.
  • It has an active drivers board
  • Drivers have an improved income, better financing options & better working environments.

What if we launched a Driver’s Co-op Colorado?

  • Drivers will own an app (Co-op Ride)
  • Drivers will pay 15% commission fee which will help drivers increase income.
  • Drivers will have more voice in running the co-op.
  • Profit Dividends
  • Other Benefits: cheaper insurance, car repairs, better financing options, etc.

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What if Drivers owned the platform?

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