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Student Internships

Are you interested in interning with RMEOC to learn more about diverse economic strategies that work for marginalized communities? Here are some of student internship positions that we are seeking.

  1. Research: RMEOC seeks to provide community groups and businesses with feasibility studies, business planning, succession planning and policy advocacy research. Students will do various research projects under the supervision of the program director.
  2. Community Organizing: RMEOC seeks students who are interested in organizing marginalized community members. If you are interested in labor and community organizing experiences, contact us.
  3. Program Assistance: RMEOC would like to have students who can help with various program related work.
  4. The Drivers Cooperative Program Assistant: RMEOC is organizing The Drivers Cooperative-Colorado and we are looking for students who will help create a platform cooperative of rideshare drivers.

Interested in learning more about employee ownership or volunteering with RMEOC? We are always looking for passionate individuals to join us in our mission. Please contact us today if you are interested in board member opportunities or other ways to volunteer.

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