Feasibility Study

  • Executive Summary
  • Industry Overview
  • Market Analysis
  • Organizational and Operational Characteristics
  • Financial Analysis: Financial expenses and profit projections
  • Summary and Recommendations
  • Appendix (Business plan)

Business Plan

  • Organizational plans
  • Marketing plans
  • Operating & Control systems
  • Risk analysis
  • Financial plans
  • Conclusion

Co-op Launch

  • Assistance in the recruitment of a cooperative manager and other staff, as needed
  • Actual launch of the Coop & organizing of a grand-opening public event (event organizing and marketing costs paid by
  • Board training (day-long or weekend retreat, facilitated by RMEOC staff)
  • Accounting system and finance training to members (QuickBooks)
  • Worker culture training (remote or in-person: 8 hours)
  • Marketing plan consulting (remote: 5 hours)
  • Development and provision of initial HR manual
  • Employer data system setup