Become Employee Owned Become Employee Owned Header
Step 1: Initial Consultation

We sit down and discuss the current state of the business, top line goals for the owner and discuss best case scenarios.

Step 2: Ownership Goals -- Become Employee Owned

We work alongside the owners to identify personal goals, future income, level of involvement in the business, legacy and values. Additionally, we discuss and evaluate the needs of other stakeholders such as family, other owners, key employees.

Step 3: Business Evaluation -- Become Employee Owned -- Become Employee Owned

We provide independent business valuations and assessments of organizational culture. We also offer a techincal assitance for a feasability study and culture building on a sliding scale. This insight is critical to understand the best ownership options moving forward as you become employee owned.

Step 4: Recommend Experts -- Become Employee Owned

Analyzing the information and insights from steps 2 & 3, RMEOC provides a list of recommended experts who can implement the transaction.

Step 5: Ongoing Support -- Become Employee Owned

RMEOC is a trusted, independent resource throughout the implementation period and beyond. We work alongside ownership to ensure the process is moving in a timely and effective manner as it evolves.