What if 30% of all businesses were owned by employees?

That’s why RMEOC is here to promote employee-owned businesses in the Rocky Mountain Region.

The Path To Employee Ownership

Sourcing Solutions

We help you explore employee ownership options, from ESOPs to worker co-ops and more, and choose the one that’s the best fit for you, your employees, and your


We help you structure the employee-owned entity, devise the logistics of the sale, and refer you to knowledgeable legal and financial advisors along the way to guide and close the deal.


We help employee owners understand their new roles to get the most out of the transition, and help create an ongoing culture of engagement for a more democratic and participatory workplace.

We believe that our economy should work for everyone – and broad-based ownership is one of the most effective tools to make that happen.

Employee ownership builds stronger businesses, creates better jobs, and helps develop more sustainable and resilient local economies — and it’s a powerful way to address racial and social inequality.

For Business Owners

Learn more about how to sell your business to employees, how to exit your business with your legacy, and how to set up an equitable profit-sharing model for your employees.

Business Owners

For Community Groups

Learn more about how to create a community-led business, how to create a democratic workplace & how to build community wealth through employee ownership.

Community Groups