On the front range of Boulder, lies Colorado Recovery. Founded in 2006 by Dr. Richard Warner, Colorado Recovery was created as a residential treatment facility that brings both medicine and community together for a holistic response to mental illness. With an intentional focus on the person, Colorado Recovery has a model of care unlike any other.


Colorado Recovery prides itself on being a small organization, with an estimated 44 employees. This small capacity facility has been able to continue with personal and quality care for all it’s patients from the day it opened. They offer a plethora of services, such as residential treatment, transitional living, intensive outpatient and vocational services. “Individualized outpatient treatment programs support clients who have achieved stability to integrate within the community.”


Employee Ownership was not the original vision for Colorado Recovery, but before the retirement of Dr. Warner, it was decided upon to follow through with the transition. “After much research and discussion, we determined the best way to maintain our high standards and core values was to sell the business to the employees – the people who understood better than anyone the importance of the principles underpinning our work.” Warner’s decision to move forward with employee ownership was the best way to ensure that the values that Colorado Recovery was founded upon continued despite his retirement from the facility. “We were able to maintain the original vision and integrity of our owner by becoming employee-owned” said Kelly Grebe, community liaison. In 2014, 16 members of Colorado Recovery became employee-owners and in 2016 100% of voting shares belonged to the employees. “Being an employee-owner is an empowering experience,” said Grebe as she explained her engagement in decision making and company goal setting.


Employee ownership “creates this culture of equality, and everyone has a voice. It creates a healthy system where employees feel like their ideas will be heard and listened to and followed through on,” said Grebe. She later explained the impact employee ownership has had on the functionality of programming, “I think that it’s really helpful in overall programming to take into account what those workers are seeing on a day-to-day basis and translating that to what we do with our programs;” Illustrating just how much the facility is in tune with the personal needs of their clients. Open communication and the acceptance of employee input is just one of the many unique aspects of Colorado Recovery.


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