Chobani CEO Surprises Employees With Ownership Stake in the Company


Chobani’s CEO Hamdi Ulukaya gave 2,000 full-time employees a surprise gift today in the form of an ownership stake in the company.

Employees were handed white packets detailing how many shares they were given, based on tenure. The shares can be converted into stock or cash if the company goes public or sells itself.

In a letter to employees obtained by ABC News, Ulukaya explained what he called “Chobani shares,” allowing every full-time member to “receive awards that provide an opportunity to share in the growth of the company over time.”

“My dream, from day one, was to share our success with this entire family—for us all to have a stake in our future, working together to grow Chobani and furthering our mission as a modern food company,” Ulukaya wrote.



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